7 Days of 24

At the beginning of August, my friend Matt from work and I started watching episodes of 24 on our lunch breaks over at his nearby apartment. We first started with Day 1 of course and we just finished with Day 7 today. Including “Redemption”, that’s 170 episodes! We got through it so fast, because we started watching it at an accelerated pace after Day 1. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do a series of Top 10 Lists. Some of the lists that came to mind were some of the following:
1) Top 10 things Jack would do that I wouldn’t do
2) Top 10 Floozies
3) Top 10 Favorite Bad Guys
4) Top 10 Meaningless Tech Terms
5) Top 5 Innocent Bystanders to Stab the leading suspect
6) Top 10 Hard Core Jack Bauer phrases
7) Top 10 worst ways to die

I also wanted to keep random statistics as well like:
1) The average percentage, per episode, that Jack Bauer goes against protocol
2) The average percentage of deaths per episode
3) Total registered kills by Jack Bauer
4) The percentage chance that if you are an extra on a mission with Jack Bauer, you’re not coming back
5) Total lucky breaks that the CTU analysts were able to come up with when all hope was lost

After the series finale, I would like to give out awards too. Maybe some could be like:
1) Most likely to survive a gun fight, other than Jack
2) Least likely to survive the season
3) Best unsuspected plot twist
4) Best unsuspected traitor/mole in CTU
5) Best Fire Fight
6) Worst enemy
7) Most Hard Core Moment
8) Most annoying Character

With so much potential, the list could go on for days. I just wish that I had done so. I guess I could do the awards and still have fun with it…..hhmmmm. Anyways, I am even more pumped up for Day 8 that starts on January 17, 2010. I think we are now going to start watching the series of Lost next. I love that show too. If we do, I better get some like minded ideas from the above mentioned going. Wish me luck!

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